Appropriate preposition দিয়ে বাক‌্য তৈরি

Appropriate preposition দিয়ে বাক‌্য তৈরি

1. Deal in (ব্যবসা করা) –  He deals in rice.

2. Deal with (আচরণ/ব্যবহার করা) –  He deals well with the customers.

3. Blind of (অন্ধ) – He is blind of one eye.

4. Blind to (দোষের প্রতি উদাসীন) – He is blind to his own faults.

5. Dwell in (বাস করা) – The poor dwell in hut.

6. Dwell on/upon (আলোচনা করা) – He dwelled on politics.

7. Smile at (হাসা) – Brave men smile at death.

8. Smile on (সুপ্রসন্ন হওয়া) – Fortune smiled on every industrious person.

9. Consist of (গঠিত) – The team consist of eleven players.

10. Consist in (নিহিত থাকা) – Happiness consists on simplicity.

11. Die of (রোগে মরা) – He died of cholera.

12. Die by (দূর্ঘটনায় মরা) – He died by accident.

13. Die from (খেয়ে/না খেয়ে মরা) – He died from overeating.

14. Die for (ভালো কাজের জন্য মরা) – He died for country.

15. Die in (মারা যাওয়া) – He died in 1993.

16. Agree with (ব্যক্তির সাথে একমত) – I agree with him.

17. Agree on (কোন বিষয়ের সাথে একমত) – I agree on this point.

18. Agree to (কোন প্রস্তাবের সাথে একমত) – I agree to her proposal.

19. Care of (যত্ন নেয়া) – Take care of your health.

20. Care for (গ্রাহ্য করা) – I don’t care for you.

21. Count for (গণ্য হওয়া) – His advice counts for nothing.

22. Counts upon/on (নির্ভর করা) – I count upon your help for this week.

23. Confine in (কক্ষে আবদ্ধ থাকা) – He is confined in a room for five days.

24. Confine to (বিছানায় আবদ্ধ থাকা) – He is confined to bed.

25. Dull at (দূর্বল) – He is dull at English.

26. Dull of (বোধশক্তিহীন) – He is dull of understanding.

27. Engage to (বাগদান করা) – Karim is engage to Runa.

28. Engage in (নিমগ্ন থাকা) – He is engaged in politics.

29. Feed on (খেয়ে বাঁচা) – We feed on rice.

30. Feed with (খাওয়ানো) – The mother feeds her baby with milk.

31. Live on (খেয়ে বাঁচা) – The cow lives on grass.

32. Live for (আকাঙ্ক্ষায় বাঁচা) – We live for better days.